Zero pollution Water treatment Technology

Aqueous Solutions Global Natural DNA Solution is a zero pollution water treatment Technology. It has lot of advantages for human health and ecological system.

This Solution is invented by Dr. Timothy Badger and Dr. Paul Smith. It has been proven by Water Quality Association Gold seal and NSF61 drinking Water Standard. The Solution made from Activated Alumina as the main Material for the Natural DNA Solution. This Solution treated water is the only one do not have disinfection byproducts and Microbial corrosion problem, it also do not have water hardness problem. Because this solution solved the water problems. This is best Quality drinking Water for Your Tap

It keep us stay away from waterborne diseases. It is the cheapest healthcare for everyone.This reduced use of plastic water bottles.

It is also the best quality water and cheapest cost of water for Agriculture grow healthy crop.

This Solution is the only one can remove dissolved metal from Juice and wine, without change the Nutrition, color and taste.

This Solution can also treat nuclear waste. transform it from liquid to a much smaller solid volume.

This is also the only water treatment technology produces Water do not required use of Electricity Energy. When Natural disaster happens it still can generate clean drinking Water.

This Solution attached the contaminate has pass the Toxicity characteristic leaching the used material you can though it to landfill or you can reuse for pave material or for high quality of sandpaper or mix with cement for harder concrete. the fine material from this solution can make soap for special sanitation it could kill the superbugs. It do not waste anything.

These Advantages of this technology decided this the solution for clean Water. help fight climate change and restore our Ecological system.

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