Eco- Water System benefits and effectiveness

Eco Water system treatment technology was invented by Dr.Timothy Badger and Dr. Paul Smith. This Great invention will change the modern history of  Water treatment method.This Technology is certified by the Water Quality Association and it has a great number of benefits for humans and Environment.

  1. Benefit to health,  this technology is the only technology can remove total organic carbon without forming harmful disinfection byproducts. Prevent waterborn diseases, keeps everyone stays healthy to reduce the healthcare cost.
  2. Benefit for quality of life, This high-quality drinking water do not have microbial corrosion problems. it is  the highest quality drinking water for tap bring convenience for life. 
  3. Benefit for Energy saving, this technology produces highest quality drinking water does not require Electricity benefit to municipalities and consumers significantly reduces the cost to produce high-quality Drinking Water. According to the Water Environment Federation, it will bring $40 billion of savings. and reduce emissions.
  4. Benefit for Environment, this technology do not have hazardous Waste. The contaminants bond to the Media permanently and Reduce the use of plastic bottled water. create a chain of benefit to restore the ecological system.
  5. Benefit for agriculture grow the healthy crop and food industry produce healthy food.
  6. Benefit for fish farm to reduce the use of antibiotic.
  7. Benefit for saving of resources, when Natural disaster happens do not need transport Bottled Water.
  8. Benefit for Children go to Swimming, this technology does not have chlorine in Water, the benefit for sensible Children.
  9. Benefit for the hospital this technology kills superbugs.
  10. Benefit for nuclear waste management, it transforms nuclear waste from liquid to a much smaller solid volume. 
  11. Benefit for the job market, it will create millions of green jobs.
  12. Benefit for the economy, bring growth to the World.

Talk about Safe Tap Water, first of all, We have to know what is Water Quality, Total Organic Carbon used as a non-specific indicator of Water Quality. Water quality refers to the chemical, physical, biological, and radiological characteristics of water。

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The EPA has determined that the presence of microbiological pathogens in public water supplies is a health concern. If finished water supplies contain microbiological contaminants, illnesses and disease outbreaks may result. Twelve waterborne cryptosporidiosis outbreaks caused by contamination in public water systems were systems were reported to the center for disease control and prevention between 1984 and 1998 in 1993, Cryptosporidium caused more than 400,000 people in Milwaukee, WI, to experience intestinal illness. More than 4,000 were hospitalized and at least 50 deaths were attributed to this cryptosporidiosis outbreak. 

Cryptosporidium is commonly isolated in HIV-positive patients presenting with diarrhea, Despite not being identified until 1976, it is one of the most common waterborne diseases and is found worldwide. The infection begins when a human consumes food or water containing cysts of the Cryptosporidium organism.

The log reduction achieved by a decontamination process is a measure of how thoroughly the process reduces the concentration of a contaminant. It is defined as the common logarithm of the ratio of the levels of contamination before and after the process, so an increment of 1 corresponds to a reduction in concentration by a factor of 10. In general, an n-log reduction means that the concentration of remaining contaminants is only 10−n that of the original. So for example, a 0-log reduction is no reduction at all, while a 1-log reduction corresponds to a reduction of 90 percent from the original concentration, and a 2-log reduction corresponds to a reduction of 99 percent from the original concentration
Log reduction Percentage
1-log reduction = 90%
2-log reduction = 99%
3-log reduction = 99.9%
4-log reduction = 99.99%
5-log reduction = 99.999%

Safe drinking water must meet the requirements 4 log reduction of biological contamination and does not contain total organic carbon, doe not contain chemical, disinfection byproducts and radiological in water and keep nutrition in the water.  

Only Eco Water System treatment Technology treated water can meet these requirements. this is the safe drinking water for pipe supply, asking your local water supply facility use Eco Water System treatment technology, keep your family stays healthy and keep environment stays healthy, save your cost for drinking water.

Do you have any questions about this technology? I will be glad to answer you and welcome you to join us together make an impact to fight the climate crisis.


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